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Faq: Tilefish Season

a man holding a fish on a boat in the water
Our team members have recently received many inquiries about fisheries management in our area.  Therefore, we opened a forum for questions, and will take each one and answer them in an upcoming blog.

Q:  “When do you start tilefish trips, and what are the regulations?”
A:  Great question!  We know tilefish are one of your favorites to fish for- ours, too!  In Virginia, we see golden tilefish & blueline tilefish which have varying regulations in our waters.
  • blueline tilefish:
    • season:  closed from January 1-April 30, November 1-December 31;  therefore we can fish for them May 1-October 31
    • limits:
      • size:  no minimum size
      • bag limits:
        • 3 per person for a private or rental vessel
        • 5 per person for an uninspected-for hire
        • 7 per person for an inspected for-hire
      • citation:  10 pounds
  • golden tilefish:
    • season: open
    • limits:
      • size: no minimum size
      • bag limits:  8 per person
      • citation:  30 pounds
Vessels must have a Tilefish and Grouper Landing Permit from the Marine Resources Commission.
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