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13-Hour Pelagic Wildlife Exploration

Offshore Trip: Whales, Dolphins, Seabirds & More!

Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+

Discover Virginia’s Pelagic Wildlife!

Experience the diversity the offshore waters off of the Mid-Atlantic have to offer as we head to the deep for our latest exploration! Norfolk Canyon, about 70 miles offshore, is a unique biological community teeming with wildlife. Join us as we head out to view the marine life that calls this Mid-Atlantic Canyon home. While we explore, we will be collecting data about the species we observe and their behaviors with researchers on board.

Our trip course will vary based upon current sightings but may include various species of whales (fin whale, sperm whale, & beaked whales), dolphins (Risso’s dolphins, pilot whales, common dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins), sea turtles (loggerhead & leatherback), and pelagic seabirds (shearwaters, petrels, & terns).

Resumes in March!