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Learn About Rudee Tours

in Virginia Beach

Expertise. Excellence. Extraordinary

Experience the “only way to see the sea” with the company that cares!

Our guests are like family to us, and we take the utmost pride in making sure that your excursions are safe and enjoyable. Safety is our top priority. Each vessel exceeds all standards and is licensed and inspected annually by the United States Coast Guard. Our team of owners, captains, and crew have over 40 years of experience operating head boats in the area. Our knowledge of the local waters and how to navigate them is unparalleled.

At Rudee Tours, we are committed to protecting the animals and their homes. Not only do we showcase this by following all responsible wildlife watching guidelines, but we also collect information on each trip. Our eco-excursions serve as platforms to learn more about the marine environment while simultaneously educating and spreading awareness about the species that inhabit it. Sightings on fish species, marine mammals, sea turtles, and birds are combined with environmental data to help us learn more about the species and how they are using our coastal habitat. By collaborating with other regional researchers, we provide information that helps protect and conserve the animals we love!