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Puffer Coastal Collections

Ready to see the local wildlife below the water?

Join us on an interactive collections trip where you will participate with science in action as our experts perform a net pull, collect data, and provide you with a close glimpse of the sea creatures that call our waters home!

We can't wait to "show and tell" you about the discoveries we find in the salt marsh & coastal ocean habitats.  Space is limited for this hands-on adventure, and advanced reservations are recommended.


*Check back for spring dates! 


Duration: 1 hour


Please contact us for charter trips.  This is one of our most popular with field trips!


Most Experience On The Water

With over 40 years of experience, our team of experts on board have the most extensive knowledge of our coastal waters and marine mammals of any along the Mid-Atlantic.  Each member of our team undergoes extensive training each year to make sure that we are on the cutting edge of information on our flippered friends and safety.  

Research and Conservation:  Our Mission

At Rudee Tours, we are committed to protecting the animals and their homes.  Not only do we showcase this by following all responsible whale & wildlife watching guidelines, but we also collect information on each trip.  Our ecotours serve as platforms to learn more about the marine environment while simultaneously educating and spreading awareness about the species that inhabit it.  Sightings on marine mammals, sea turtles, and birds are combined with environmental data to help us learn more about the species and how they are using our coastal habitat.  By collaborating with other regional researchers, we provide information that helps protect and conserve the animals we love! 

Largest, Most Modern Fleet

We are fortunate that we have an entire fleet of vessels run by experienced and committed captains and crew.  With larger capacities and the ability to run multiple boats at a time, we are able to accommodate the needs of all of our guests. Our vessels is annually inspected and licensed by the USCG, insured, and regularly updated.  Each boat is ADA certified, equipped with a climate-controlled indoor cabin, and offers 360-degree views of the water from the multiple viewing levels.  

Full Snack Bar and ABC License Aboard

Your comfort is a priority! We want to ensure that all of our passengers feel at home on the water and have everything they could need right at the tip of their fingers. Whether you want to enjoy a cold adult beverage (don’t forget to bring your ID!) while watching the dolphins play, or to purchase a memento to remember the trip, our boats have it all inside the climate-controlled cabin and ship store.