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Wildlife Eco-Excursions, Cruising, Fishing: Rudee Whaler

The Rudee Whaler holds a special spot within our fleet, as during her time with us, we’ve completely renovated the vessel inside and out. With our most modern cabin, built-in tables on both exterior upper/lower decks, it has become the ultimate party platform for both private events and for whale & dolphin watching cruises. Add in her fishing history, and there’s absolutely nothing that she can’t do with ease & with comfort for everyone on board.

In addition to the 2-level spacious decks and climate-controlled cabin, this boat is equipped with two large restrooms, ample seating throughout, and a complete bar offering adult beverages of all types. Two turbo Detroit Diesel V12 92’s propel the 75-foot long, 20-foot wide Rudee Whaler getting you to the fish, or to the wildlife quickly.

Experience the newest and most updated boat within our fleet, and you’ll continue to understand why the Rudee Whaler is requested again and again.