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Full-Day Whale Watch

Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+

Spend a Day Whale Watching in Virginia Beach!

Ready for the ultimate whale adventure? Join our experts for a full day of wildlife watching! During this 9-hour trip, we will search for whales, dolphins, & seabirds that can be found in our coastal and near offshore waters. While we explore, we will be collecting data about the species we observe and their behaviors with researchers on board.

Our trip course will vary based upon current sightings, but may include various species of whales (humpback whales, fin whales, & minke whales), dolphins (bottlenose dolphins & common dolphins) and pelagic seabirds (northern gannets, various species of sea ducks, & razorbills). Our vessels are ADA compliant, equipped with two bathrooms, an extensive snack bar, a climate-controlled indoor cabin with comfortable seating, and have spacious upper decks that offer panoramic views which are prime for viewing wildlife.