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Fishing Report 10.21.20

October 21, 2020

The last few days fishing aboard the Rudee Angler proved to be just as successful as the last few weeks.

On Tuesday, the Angler was out on a 17hour trip where they brought back a great catch of Seabass but more impressively, they brought back 30-40 Citation BlueLine Tilefish. The Tilefish catch was one of the best they have had this year. Other than the Seabass and Tilefish, there was also a really nice catch of Mahi and a really nice Shark (that was released).


On Wednesday, the Angler took out a 3/4 day trip and had another awesome day as well. There were 12-15 Red Drum caught between 18"-26", roughly 6#, and another great catch of Trigger Fish. The Seabass catch was also pretty good.


Looking forward, the 6hour trips will continue to run Wednesday, Friday, Sunday through October, 9hour trips will continue to run on Saturday through October, and the 17hour trips will continue to run on Saturday and Tuesday through October. 

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