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Rudee Whaler Fishing Trips Virginia Beach

Some of our employees have literally grown up working on the boats running out of the Virginia Beach Fishing Center. Skip Feller started working on his father's, Fred Feller's fishing boat, at the age of 10 and continues his life's work as a waterman with Rudee Tours. He is a jack of all trades, running the Specialized Deep Drop Fishing Trips, the Rudee Rocket Speedboat, and everything in between throughout the year all while helping manage the company.

Mark Sterling entered the fold in 1995 as a mate on the fishing boats and started running the headboats as a Captain in 1997. He is a staple at the marina and works tirelessly for Rudee Tours running the fishing boats nearly everyday. His son, Tyler, is never far from his side learning from the best!

Wes Feller, Skip's son, started working as a mate for his Grandfather in 2003 and continued the family legacy by getting his Captain's license in 2006. He runs the Rudee Rocket and night fishing trips in the summer and the longer fishing trips throughout the year. He was born in to the family trade and is a natural at running boats.

Not to mention, all of the years of experience of our loyal boat mates and office personnel who have been with us for years. We couldn't operate without them! We've had engagements, weddings, babies, college graduations, new homes, and new boats to celebrate together. We pride ourselves on the family atmosphere we have created and the hard work we are all willing to put in to the company. It takes a village to make Rudee Tours run and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Over the years we have continued to grow our business by listening to our many loyal customers. We hope to remain a staple of the Virginia Beach oceanfront for many years to come. Whether you are Cruising, Fishing, or riding the Rocket, we hope to make your experience with Rudee Tours fun filled and memorable! Please come visit us for your adventure on the water. It's the only way to see the sea!